cd: wolfgang in der wiesche, music for films


Yes-I got your music and love it, very very quircky, unusual stuff you have there.
Bob Ostertag


CD and catalog, all interesting...   Chris Cutler (UK)

Dear Wolfgang, finally found the chance to listen to your CD...which I enjoyed very much.... nice aesthetics.  best, Jon Rose (AUS)

... Your sounds are so great and I really enjoyed it !, ...   Kiichiro Hayashi (JAP)

... In fact, the cutter sounds like a pair of old rusty scissors, a typical old fashion China made home scissors. My first response when first listen to it is: It's speaking. Not only this one, I like some other tracks too. It is short but so well structured. It doesn't sound like improvised to me. I wonder if you are able to play this music live because I would always like to play live on what the music is like ...   Chan Wai Fat (HONG KONG)

...die cd ist natürlich spitze. die musik, die mir sofort entsprach-... schön, ...
Saadet Türköz (SWITZERLAND)

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